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Recurring events


Introducing #PeatTalks: A Global Lab Meeting! The last Thursday of each month at 10:00 EST we’ll be hosting a meet up where #PeatECR can share drafts of figures, talks, etc. to get peer feedback. DM us on Twitter or email us at for Zoom link and if you would like to present at one. 



We hold #PeatWrites every Tuesday/Wednesday! Join us for a supportive co-working space with other #PeatECR Tues 12:00-14:30 EST and Wed 9:30-12:00 EST. DM us on Twitter or email for Zoom info if you need it!



#AGU20 Old Peat, New Voices Session and Discussion/Mixer


Click here to register for the discussion and mixer


August 20th 2020 ‘Single Slide Summer Science Share

Join us for a PEAT social where we will share any cool things we have done over the ‘summer’. DM us on Twitter or email us at peatecr [at] for a link to the zoom account.



AGU Fall Meeting 2020 Session:


You can submit an abstract here:

Deadline: July 29th 2020


25 June 2020 – Peat & Greet (please DM us on Twitter or send an email to peatecr [at] for the Zoom link


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