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Apply for micro-funds during the summer field season

PeatNeeds is back for financial support of peatland ECR during the summer field season of 2022

There are expenses coming up during the summer of 2022 that you need to pay for, but you don’t know how to finance them?

Thanks to the peatland-loving community, we are able to provide Peat ECR with micro-funds. The profits of the 2021 PEAT Calendar, which sold like hot cakes, along with other generous donations, allow us to bring back #PeatNeeds for the second summer field season – the season of 2022!

We will fund 3 lucky Peat ECR with up to $100 CAD each during the three major field season months – June, July, and August 2022.


  • You are a Peat ECR (students and early career professionals within 7 years of terminal degree)
  • You work in a peat/peatland-related project

There are no country or age restrictions! All Peat ECR from anywhere in the world and any age category are eligible to apply (if requirements mentioned above apply).

Fundable expenses can include:

  • New personal field gear
  • Work-from-home equipment
  • Manuscript proofreading
  • Technical courses (to expand your skills in, i.e. statistics, ecology, Indigenous knowledge, etc.)
  • Other not listed expenses that you are fee to convince us to fund 😉

Applications are closed for this year. Thank you all for your participation and look out for some more funding coming up during next year’s summer season!

PEAT Needs Winners – August 2022

PEAT Needs Winners – July 2022

PEAT Needs Winners – June 2022

  • @yvettelgenkamp
  • @cheristyjones
  • @RominaTresEles

Peatland ECR, apply for financial support via the PeatNeeds micro funding program during the summer of 2021!!

We want to use the money so generously donated to us to help Peat ECR (incl. undergrads!) fund some of their needs for which there may not be financial support elsewhere.

This can include personal field gear, work-from-home equipment, manuscript proofreading, technical skills-expanding courses (be it statistics, ecology, Indigenous knowledge, you name it), etc.

For each of the next three months we will fund 2 Peat ECR with up to $100 CAD. Any Peat ECR (within 7 years of terminal degree) from anywhere in the world is eligible to apply. If you are interested please fill in our Google form until the last Friday of the month (June, July & August).

If you are chosen for funding, you will be notified in the first week of July, August or September 2021, respectively. In case you are not lucky enough to be chosen in the particular month for which you applied, your application will be reconsidered in the following month(s). There is no need to reapply.

PEAT Needs Winners – 2021

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