PEAT Resources

Sharing the Peatland Knowledge and Data

One of PEAT’s mission is to connect and empower ECR, to share peatland wisdom, scientific communication, to share knowledge about where to find peatland data for research projects and analysis, and who to contact for specific research topics.

Our Resource pages shall help you find the data and information you need, ranging from podcasts and videos to written publications, or global databases, where you can download data to complete your studies or upload the data you collected in the field yourself.


Check out a variety of databases that might be useful for completing your research, analysis or simply to upload your own data.

PEAT Media Center

Feel like listening to some peatland wisdom? Find videos and podcast featuring peatland science in the Media Center.

PEAT Needs

Peat ECR in need of micro-funding, check out this site.

Read about the PEAT Needs winners of the past years.

PEAT News Quarterly

Missed the latest newsletter? Check the PEAT newsletter archive for past issues and the latest newsletter for fresh and juicy peatland information.

PEAT Publications

Check out the contribution of Peatland ECR around the globe to the scientific publications.

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