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PeatWrites sessions in spring 2023!!

You have trouble to stop procrastinating??

You should review/write this damn manuscript/thesis/proposal/application?

You are looking for motivation and structure??

Come join #PeatWrites!!

For Zoom and Slack access, send us a request via Twitter or the contact form and we get back to you ASAP!

Find a supportive and motivating co-working space with peer #PeatECR on every Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom!

  • Mondays 14h-17h CET | 13h-16h GMT | 8h-11h EST
  • Thursdays 14h-17h CET | 13h-16h GMT | 8h-11h EST

We apply the Pomodoro technique and have you take regular breaks and refill your coffee for utmost productivity!

Additional, spontaneous #PeatWrites will be announced on our Twitter profile or the Slack workspace.


Check out our famous symposium Old Peat, New Voices: Frontiers in Global Peatland Research from Early Career Researchers traveling to conferences around the globe.

2023 RE3 Reclaim Restore Rewild

2022 EGU General Assembly

2020 AGU Fall Meeting


Currently there are no PeatTalk planned. Stay tuned for upcoming PeatTalks once field season is over.

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