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Lees, K, Khomik, M, Quaife, T, Clark,JM, Hill, T, Klein, D, Ritson, J, Artz, RRE (2021) Assessing the reliability of peatland GPP measurements by remote sensing: From plot to landscape, Science of the Total Environment

Andrews, L.O, Payne, RJ, Swindle, GT (2020) Testate amoebae as non-pollen palynomorphs in pollen slides: Usefulness and application in palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, Geological Society

Geange, SR, von Oppen, J, Strydom, T, Boakye, M, Gauthier, T-L et al. (2020) Next-generation field courses: Integrating Open Science and Online Learning, Ecology and Evolution

Lemmer, M, Rochefort, L, Strack, M (2020) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dynamics in Restored Fens after In-Situ Oil Sands Well Pad Disturbances of Canadian Boreal Peatlands. Front. Earth. Sci.

Lees, KJ, Artz, RRE, Chandler, D, Aspinall, T, Boulton, CA, Buxton, J, Cowie, NR, Lennton, TM. (2020) Using remote sensing to assess peatland resilience by estimating soil surface moisture and drought recovery. Science of the Total Environment.

Thornton, SA., Setiana, E., Yoyo, K., Dudin, Yulintine, Harrison, ME., Page, SE., Upton, C. (2020) Towards biocultural approaches to peatland conservation: The case for fish and livelihoods in Indonesia. Environmental Science and Policy, 114, 341-351

Wilkinson, SL., Tekatch, AM, Markle CE, Moore, PA, Waddington, JM. (2020) Shallow peat is most vulnerable to high peat burn severity during wildfire. Environmental Research Letters, 15 104032

Burke, SA., Wik, M., Lang, A., Contosta, AR., Palace, M., Crill, PM., Varner, RK. (2019) Long-Term Measurements of Methane Ebullition From Thaw Ponds, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 124:7,

Gupta, PK., Gharedaghloo, B., Lynch, M., Cheng, J., Strack, M., Charles, TC., Price, JS. (2020) Dynamics of microbial populations and diversity in NAPL contaminated peat soil under varying water table conditions, Environmental Research,

Brown, SL., Goulsbra, CS., Evans, MG., Heath, T., Shuttleworth, E. (2020) Low Cost CO2 Sensing: A Simple Microcontroller Approach with Calibration and Field Use, Hardware X, e00136,

Perryman, CR., McCalley, CK., Malhotra, A., Fahnestock, MF., Kashi, NN., Bryce, JG., Giesler, R., Varner, RK (2020) Thaw Transitions and Redox Conditions Drive Methane Oxidation in a Permafrost Peatland, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 124:3,

Malhotra, A.,Brice, DJ., Childs, J., Graham, JD., Hobbie, EA., Stel, HV., Feron, SC., Hanson, PJ., Iverson, CM. (2020) Peatland warming strongly increases fine-root growth, Proc. Natl Acad. Sci.,

Davidson, SJ., Goud, EM., Franklin, C., Nielsen, SE., Strack, M. (2020) Seismic Line Disturbance Alters Soil Physical and Chemical Properties Across Boreal Forest and Peatland Soils, Front. Earth. Sci., 8:281.

Riva, F., Pinzon, J., Acorn, JH., Nielsen, SE. (2020) Composite Effects of Cutlines and Wildfire Result in Fire Refuges for Plants and Butterflies in Boreal Treed Peatlands, Ecosystems,

Deane, PJ., Wilkinson, SL., Moore, PA., Waddington, JM. (2020) Seismic Lines in Treed Boreal Peatlands as Analogs for Wildfire Fuel Modification Treatments, Fire,

Heffernan, L., Estop‐Aragonés, C., Knorr, K-H., Talbot, J.,  Olefeldt, D. (2020)  Long‐term Impacts of Permafrost Thaw on Carbon Storage in Peatlands: Deep Losses Offset by Surficial Accumulation, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, ://

Harris, L., Roulet, NT., Moore, TR (2020) Drainage reduces the resilience of a boreal peatland, Environmental Research Communications, DOI:

van Huizen, B., Petrone, R. (2020) Quantifying the spatial variability of melting seasonal ground ice and its influence on potential evapotranspiration spatial variability in a boreal peatland, Hydrological Processes, DOI:

McCarter, C, Rezanezhad, F., Quinton, W., Gharedaghloo, B., Lennartz, B., Price, J., Connon, R., Van Cappellen, P. (2020) Pore-scale controls on hydrological and geochemical processes in peat: Implications on interacting processes, Earth Science Reviews, DOI:

Rezanezhad, F., McCarter, C., Lennartz, B. (2020) Wetland Biogeochemistry: Response to Environmental Change. Frontiers in Environmental Science – Biogeochemical Dynamics, DOI:

Lane, D*., McCarter, C*., Richardson, M., McConnell, C., Field, T., Yao, H., Arhonditsis, G., Mitchell, C.P.J. (2019) Wetlands and low gradient topography are associated with longer hydrologic transit times in Precambrian Shield headwater catchments, Hydrological Processes, DOI: *Authors contributed equally to the manuscript

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