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Permafrost, peatlands, and planetary boundary layers: 12 years of interdisciplinary Earth system research

Peat ECR Peat Talk Series – 2022-03-31: Manuel Helbig

Getting to the root of it: climate change in peatlands

Catchment and Wetland Science Seminar Series – 2020-10-08: Avni Malhotra

Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in arctic and boreal aquatic ecosystems

Catchment and Wetland Science Seminar Series – 2020-11-12: Bianca Rodríguez-Cardona

Impacts of linear disturbances across peatlands in northern Alberta

Catchment and Wetland Science Seminar Series – 2020-12-03: Scott J. Davidson

The future of northern peatlands: waking up a sleeping giant and setting it on fire

UC Irvine Seminar Presentation – 2021-02-16: David Olefeldt

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fluxes from Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments in a High-Altitude Tropical Catchment

Video thumbnail for Recording 10/14/2020 Diego Riveros-Iregui 
UNH Fall 2020 Environmental Sciences Seminar Series
UNH FALL 2020 ENVIRONMENTAL SEMINAR SERIES – 2020-10-14: Diego Riveros-Iregui (click here to view video:

Peatlands in Canada: linking science, policy, and practice to protect an essential carbon service

Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange – 2020-09-22: Lorna Harris

Boreal Fen Vegetation Initiation on Residual Mineral Substrates

Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange – 2020-11-25: Felix Nwaishi and Bin Xu

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Satellite-Based Wetland Inventories: Advancements and Applications

Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange – 2021-01-19: Becky Edwards

Peatland Bryophytes (for beginners)

Alberta Native Plant Council Plant Study Groups – 2021-01-28: Melanie Bird (register here to view video:

Donor Moss Sites Harvested for In-Situ Peatland Restoration: Do they naturally regenerate?

Alberta Native Plant Council Spring Workshop – 2021-03-20: Melanie Bird (click here to view video: )

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